Room Betting is becoming more and more popular. For example Ace Sportsbook is offering their room betting system. Then you have Bodog offering their NFL betting system. All of these systems are designed to bet and win bets on sporting events. And most, if not all, offer you great betting odds.

So what are betting odds. What are the benefits of room betting? Unlike Casino Sportsbook, Bodog offers you the chance to bet on any game you want. All you have to do is decide who you think will win the game. That could be a hunch. It could be a prediction based on last years track record. It could be a system that has been tested and has a success rate in excess of 55%. The only problem is that your probably just going to bet on the favorite.

Then what are the odds. Well that too can be a question of opinion. One person’s opinion on who should win the next game is not going to represent the opinions of the vast majority of the betting public. The only way to get around that is to bet on sportsbook that has many different people betting on the same game.

Then what are the odds? If Bodog’s system was so unbeatable, why are they offering a $1,000 bonus. Are they not worried that one guy’s $1,000 won’t be enough to bankroll their entire business? I suspect that the reason offers such large bonuses is because they underestimate the amount of money that will be wagered.

Many people also decide upon their own teams based upon their feelings. Anger,rage, or joy depending on if their team has done well recently. 91% of the people who place bets on their NHL bets lose money. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done, its just a indication that your not going to get rich here.

The other 1% are the smart money. They know their chances are slightly better than everyone else’s. They know that the sure fire way to get rich is to bet less than everyone else. They know that winning more than they lose is actually realistic, and unlikely. They know that a few dollars more and they could turn it around, but they are not inclined to go out on a limb for a whole lot of money.

The other place to go to get a little extra safe advice is a sports handicapper. These guys offer really good advice with regard to excellent picks, and guaranteed results. Most of them are relatives or friends of someones, and have done the homework. They offer betting advice, systems, and picks. The markers are different, but the bets offered typical. You get the idea.

Handicappers don’t offer picks with a goal, they offer picks with an aspect of risk. They are looking to certain whether a team is worth the money or not. Their scheme is to assure that a reasonable amount of money will be bet on the winner, and nothing else. Their parting advice is not to offer any advice, just to have a little faith in their system. The surest way to lose a lot of money is to bet all of your money on one team, and that is the last thing that these individuals are interested in.